Game of Thrones World Premiere

The brief

Responsible for hosting Sky’s Game of Thrones Season 5 World Premiere, production company Entourage Live sought Alpha Crew’s assistance to help host this event in one of London’s most iconic landmarks, The Tower of London Moat. The high-profile nature of the Premiere meant it was a big operation for Entourage Live, one which took eight months. Alpha Crew were tasked with providing the site’s infrastructure which included a main track way, fencing, a media pen, a 5.1 surround sound cinema and a drinks reception area for 1,200 attendees, including the stars of the Game of Thrones.

What we did

We assisted with building LED walls, running power and installing sound alongside the other supplier teams on the job. As it took place in the moat, everything had to be craned in, including a crane itself! This meant the site had the potential to become extremely dangerous and despite health and safety measures being in place, Entourage Live needed to be confident that the team understood the strict safety requirements. Alpha Crew’s members were committed to ensuring they carried out all tasks safely to avoid injuries on a potentially dangerous worksite. At times, Alpha Crew had 40 crew members on site to ensure all jobs were completed efficiently.

Ben Kolakovic, Production Manager, Entourage Live.

“I have worked with Alpha Crew for many years and I’ve watched it grow into an incredible and well-respected crewing company. When I recently moved to my new role with Entourage Live, there was no doubt in my mind that Alpha Crew would be coming with me. Its sheer attentiveness and professionalism shone through in Sky’s Game of Thrones Season 5 World Premiere, for example the crew would always make themselves known to management as soon as they had finished one task so that they could start another. Its knowledge about building LED screens, cabling, sound, power etc. meant I could throw any task at its members and have full confidence that their skill sets would allow them to complete the task to an impeccable standard. Furthermore the crew are excellent at integrating themselves and as soon as they arrived on set they became part of the Entourage Live team helping us work towards our goal of delivering a successful event. As a production company, it’s invaluable to have a crewing company on-board who you don’t need to watch over but can instead relax knowing that the build is in capable hands.”