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Events Assisted 1,568
Offices 8
Employees 135
Awards 4
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A dream does not become reality through magic

It takes sweat, determination and hard work. The Alpha ethos is to keep a cool head in a crisis and get the job done; however challenging. This is at the core of what we do. That's how we’ve managed to grow from a crew of only 10 in 2014 to over 200 – major growth by any standards.

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Attitude is the most valuable asset in events

Our event crew is considered industry-leading and that's down to our company values. We aim to be professional, positive and polite with unmatched focus and determination on every job. You can now book our crew to staff your events in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Glasgow, Paris and the South of France.



Alpha is the first and brightest star in a constellation.


DSC 0201

George Saladze

Managing Director

DSC 0421

Besarion Gaprindashvili


DSC 0184 2 2

George Mjavanadze

Operations Director

Office Team

DSC 0324

Sharon Jaisingh

Office Administrator

Eleni Chrysafopoulou 0366

Eleni Chrysafopoulou

Office Manager

DSC 0221

Nabilo Adde

Crew Coordinator

DSC 0315 2

Melis Gulber Hussein

Crew Coordinator

Silvia Bondi

Financial Controller

Regional Managers

PHOTO 2023 02 09 13 16 08

Stephen Blake

Birmingham Regional Manager

DSC 0375

Sean Mark Dempsey

Scotland Regional Manager

DSC 1012

Louis Taylor

Manchester Regional Manager

Crew Chiefs

DSC 0340 2

Kingsley Morris

London Senior Crew Chief

Slava Vjaceslavs Babins 0736

Slava Babins

London Senior Crew Chief

DSC 0565

Edvardas Rutkauskas

Barcelona Senior Crew Chief

DSC 0343

Marius Turcanu

Crew Chief

Marcus Felix 0751

Marcus Felix

Crew Chief

Jimmy Dolan 0754

Jimmy Dolan

Crew Chief

Chase Wotherspoon 0722

Jack Bryan

Crew Chief

Chase Wotherspoon 0733

Chase Wotherspoon

Crew Chief

Adam Taylor 0742 2

Adam Taylor

Crew Chief

DSC 0573

Javier Echevarria Bermeosolo

Crew Chief

Ioan Cusiac

London Senior Crew Chief

Riche Harrison

London Senior Crew Chief

Jack Hughes

Bristol Senior Crew Chief

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