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Birmingham Commonwealth Games

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The Brief

How Alpha Crew helped to bring the Commonwealth Spirit to Birmingham

Alpha Crew supplied nearly 200 crew across nine different venues throughout Birmingham for the Games' first return to England in 10 years. Their work helped to bring the Birmingham Commonwealth Games to life.


Birmingham (various sites)

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Large Scale Sporting Events

What we did

Alpha Crew's successful involvement in the Birmingham Commonwealth Games held in London 2022 was primarily focused on Creative Technology. Our skilled event crew installed fibre optic cables and video walls at numerous venues across Birmingham, ensuring seamless and high-quality video and data transfer.

In addition to our technological expertise, we also provided assistance with the installation of lighting and various event structures at Alexander Stadium. Our team even worked directly with Birmingham Ceremonies to ensure a smooth transition from the opening ceremony to the start of the actual games. Our diligent efforts ensured that everything was ready and in place for a spectacular event.

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