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Westfield Security Shepherds Bush

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The Brief

Night-time static security was provided for a Loreal Paris promotion outside Westfield in London.

The project presented several challenges that required meticulous planning and execution by the security team. The primary challenges included:

Vulnerable Setup: The promotional stand and van were located outdoors in Westfield Square, accessible to the public 24/7. This exposed the setup to potential risks such as theft, vandalism, and damage.

Continuous Vigilance: The security guard had to remain on-site throughout the night, necessitating high levels of concentration and alertness to deter any unauthorized access or malicious activities.

Public Accessibility: Being situated in a bustling commercial area, the setup's proximity to the general public required the security team to strike a balance between ensuring security and maintaining a welcoming atmosphere for shoppers.


London, UK

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What we did

How we prepared for this particular Security job, to ensure it went ahead as planned:

Risk Assessment: A thorough risk assessment was conducted to identify potential vulnerabilities and establish a security plan tailored to the specific setup and location.

Guard Selection: An experienced security guard with a background in event security and overnight surveillance was chosen for the assignment.

Communication: The security guard was provided with detailed instructions regarding the setup, potential risks, and the expected level of vigilance.

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