Google’s Zeitgeist Conference

We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands there are: Facebook, Spotify, Sky Atlantic, the BBC and for the last seven years we’ve worked for Google, helping to set up their annual Zeitgeist series.


Google’s Zeitgeist is series of talks presented by and to inspirational thought leaders from across the globe, over the course of several days. Their invite-only talks cover topics that impact our economy, culture, society and politics and each one is filmed so that anyone can access the content.

What we did

Given the event takes place over the course of a week and there are multiple speakers throughout each day, the set up requires meticulous planning. In the lead up to the first day, our full crew arrives to assemble all the set, staging, truss, lighting and technical elements like the audio. After every day of talks, Alpha Crew then arrives to change over all the elements that need to for the next day ahead. This makes for a really smooth change over and any issues can be ironed out before any of the high profile guests arrive the next day.

A huge part of the event is that the video content is then available for the world to see online.  So it’s paramount that the audio, lighting and technical elements are all working properly and tested before the events begin. Our crew are all fully trained in technical set up so that everything works like clockwork on the day of the event.