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Top Tips for Professional Progression in the Events Industry

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Working at Alpha Crew isn’t just a job - it’s a career. We work with the best people and encourage personal development through specialist skills training, applicable to the events industry and beyond. It’s so important to us and that’s why we invest in an extensive training programme for all crew. Below are our top tips for professional progression and development in the events industry.

In House Training

Make sure you are going for every opportunity offered to you when it comes to skills training. At Alpha Crew for example, all our crew members have the opportunity to go from a level 1–4, to senior crew chiefs as well as earning other specialist certificates through industry leading, external programmes that we partner with.

Variety is the Spice of Life

Work as many jobs as you can and try to get experience in a variety of different events. The more sites, sectors and formats you’ve got experience in, the greater knowledge you’ll have. Whether it’s corporate conferences, festivals, arenas or cultural exhibitions, each type of event offers new learning opportunities. Learning on the job and gaining new skills will make you an excellent candidate for progression.

Speak to Your Team

Talk to your senior crew chiefs and team leaders about their progression in the industry. They’ve done it all before so will have the best advice and experience for those looking to follow in their footsteps. Additionally, familiarise yourself with your managers and the wider leadership team and make sure you're available for any opportunities that may arise.

Take Initiative

While ensuring that safety and protocol is number one priority, try and take the initiative on jobs. Be proactive, take the lead and make decisions where appropriate and safe. This will not only give you confidence and help towards professional progression, but will also show your peers around you that you are up to the job. Step out of your comfort zone where you can!

Other Training Opportunities

With so many different kinds of skills to learn in this industry, there are always opportunities for further training outside of work. Accredited courses can give you those extra qualifications to set you apart from competition and make you more attractive to employers looking to hire and promote.

Personal Professionalism

One of the biggest considerations when it comes to career progression, is about who the person is and how they work. It’s essential to have a positive attitude and way of thinking, and treat clients, colleagues and all those you encounter with kindness and respect. Being on time, and taking pride in your appearance also shows to others your dedication and professionalism.

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