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Alpha Crew’s 10th Anniversary

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A decade of incredible events, people and experiences. This month we are celebrating Alpha Crew’s 10 year anniversary - and what a ten years it has been!

Alpha Crew’s story began back in 2012, when Bes and I got together with a shared goal and a passion for events. Our aim was to create a business with a nurturing and supportive culture that put people, progression and passion at the centre of everything. In such an intense, fast paced and evolving environment, we have learned through our own experiences that these pillars are the keys to succeeding in our sector.

Thanks to our fantastic clients and friends in the industry, and our incredible crew and Alpha Crew team, over the last decade we’ve worked together to make this dream a reality. We could not have done it without all these amazing people, and are so grateful for every single person who has played a part in our journey.

From exhilarating live performances to historic moments in British culture, we’ve had the honour to participate in some iconic events in our years in business. But looking back, what stands out to us is the extraordinary people that we work with and the memories we’ve made and will treasure always.

As our reputation has grown in the UK, we’ve been fortunate to expand, with operations now in Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and Scotland. Overseas we’ve been able to expand to Paris, Cannes, and the South of France. And excitingly in our 10th year, we are also expanding into Barcelona, Spain!

It’s been an ‘event’-ful 10 years, working an immense variety jobs at so many beautiful locations and venues. We’ve pulled together some of our favourite memories so far.

Our crew on our most recent trip to Sicily. This annual job is a real motivator for all crew as it’s a lot of hard work, but super rewarding.

Our brilliant Birmingham crew. Proudly spearheading the Northern England Alpha Crew team.

From Liverpool, to London, to Barcelona! We’re so thankful to everyone who’s made it possible for us to grow and expand our crew locations over the years.

One of the things that makes Alpha Crew so special, is that we’re not just a company, we’re a family. When our crew aren’t hard at work, they’re relaxing together with a beverage in hand!

Where it all started 10 years ago, in London. London is currently home to our largest number of crew as well as Alpha Crew HQ and our internal leadership team.

We have exciting plans for the future and we can’t wait to share them with you soon. For now, please join us in celebrating our 10th Anniversary.

Here’s to another decade of Alpha Crew!

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