Happy 9th Birthday Alpha Crew!

It’s our Birthday! At the beginning of October, we celebrated Alpha Crew’s 9 year anniversary. 9 years of crewing and events which have been full of amazing memories and people, we’re so grateful for everyone who has been a part of our Alpha Crew journey. To celebrate, we sat down and spoke to our team members to hear some of their favourite memories of their time with us and want to share their stories. Here’s to many more years of Alpha Crew!

Our Crew Chiefs are strong and dependable leaders, who we trust in managing our fantastic crews on every job we do. They take charge of the job at hand, and are responsible for everyone involved- and our guys, are some of the best in the business. Over the past nine years we have had the pleasure of working with some incredible crew chiefs and are so proud to have them part of our team. 

“My Favourite Alpha Crew memory is from a de-rig job we had in Brixton 02 for the NME Awards. It was just the epitome of teamwork; everyone was tired from doing so many hours and it was the final shift of the load. There was A LOT to deal with from deck, set and lights - we were all soaked by the end of it but together, we got the job done” - Crew Chief Marcus. 

“The Facebook job in Cannes was one of the best work experiences: amazing location, excellent professionals in all departments. It felt awesome to have taken part in such a project, once we saw the finished product” - Crew Chief Ioan. 

“My favourite memory over the years has to be our annual trip to Sicily. Hard work and very hot - but working with a great bunch of lads and having a laugh” - Crew Chief Riche.

Eleni and Sharon are part of our amazing in-house senior team. They work incredibly hard as office administrators to help keep everyone in check. Alpha Crew could not run without them, they are the backbone of our team!

“I wouldn’t be able to pick only one favourite memory as there have been so many occasions. It’s great to feel that you are a member of an amazing team - and the sense of belonging to the wider Alpha family that makes many memories so special” - Office Administrator Eleni.

“My favourite Alpha Crew memory is winning the Event Production Awards on our 4th attempt for Best Crewing or Rigging Supplier 2020. When our name was called it was the most exhilarating moment I've ever experienced and made me very proud to be a part of the Alpha crew family. Unfortunately, we went into a national lockdown shortly after and never got to see the benefits of our award, but we are killing it now in 2021” - Office Administrator Sharon.

Alpha Crew’s Senior team is headed up by managing director George and operations director Bes. They set up the company 9 years ago together, and have worked hard over the years to expand and grow their Alpha Crew family to become the successful company it is today. 

“I have so many favourite memories. One of my favourites has to be Alpha Crew winning the Event Production Award in 2020” - Bes. 

“I can’t pinpoint one favourite memory, as the whole 9 years has been such an incredible journey, starting from zero to getting to where we are today. The most special part for me is having created such a big family who we depend on and who depends on us. Our clients rely on us to create their events, we trust our crew to get the job done, and the crew depend on us so that they can provide for their families. Of course, winning the Event Production Award was also a highlight, and it was extremely rewarding being recognised for our hard work. We can’t wait to see Alpha Crew continue to grow and thrive, and to welcome new members into our crewing family” - George.