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Event Production Awards 2023

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The Event Production Awards (EPA’s) are an annual celebration recognising excellence in the production and delivery of outdoor and live events, and the teams behind them. Hosted by Access All Areas, the awards have been attracting over 500 event professionals for an evening of appreciation and celebration since 2012.

This year, we were honoured to have been shortlisted for 3 awards categories. Our team attended the awards celebration this February, and came home with the brand new ‘Save of the Season’ award!

Save of the Season was introduced for the first time this year, to recognise professionals who can keep their cool under intense pressure. Judges were looking for an example where nominees showed the ability to remain calm and resolve issues in the face of potential disaster.

For our entry we submitted our story, ‘The Fiasco at Floors Castle’.

In peak festival season of July 2022, our Birmingham crew were working with AEG Presents to take down the Micahel Bublé gig at the Incora County Ground in Derbyshire. The AEG production manager got a last minute call from a fellow colleague up in Scotland who was in need of urgent assistance. He had 24 hours to take down the Tribute Trilogy music festival at Floors Castle, with zero crew available. The knock on effect of COVID has meant that there is an industry wide shortage of qualified crew, meaning supply simply cannot meet demand. With the site manager desperate to get the takedown underway and the potential of incurring huge additional costs looming, Alpha Crew swooped in to save the day. In true Alpha Crew spirit, the Birmingham team wrapped up their festival ahead of time and headed straight over to Scotland, picking up additional crew members in Liverpool on the way. Floors Castle was completely cleared and the venue open for business, welcoming visitors within the day as if nothing had ever happened!

Last minute and high pressure - this situation is unfortunately commonplace in the world of events. We are proactively engaging with key partners to lead change and mitigate the frequency of this occurring in the future. Until then, in those panic-stricken moments - you can always rely on Alpha Crew.

The EPA’s recognised the reliability and commitment shown by our team with this event, and selected Alpha Crew as the winners for the Save of the Season 2023 Award - for which we are immensely proud of.

Winning this award, is a testament to the incredible hard work, dedication, and unsurpassable teamwork of our entire crew and team at Alpha Crew. We would like to extend our biggest thanks to each and every member of our team, for their unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality service to our clients and their respect and professionalism shown to partners, venues and suppliers. Their unimaginable efforts, including their work and reliability shown at Floors Castle, is what makes everything possible. We simply could not do it without you.

We would also like to express our gratitude to our valued clients. Their trust and belief in our ability to deliver under pressure is deeply appreciated. Their support and confidence in our crew, and loyalty to our services is crucial to our success. We are so grateful for these relationships that we have built over the last 10 years.

Alpha Crew would also like to congratulate all the deserving award-winners of the evening, it was an honour to celebrate such amazing achievements alongside our peers and recognise some incredible work.

Thank you to Access All Areas and Mash Media for a fantastic evening and for their commitment to recognising excellence in the industry.

Visit our Instagram below to watch a behind the scenes of our amazing time at the Awards.

Alpha Crew Instagram

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