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5 Tips for Building a Successful Event Crew Team


Behind every amazing event, is an incredible team of event professionals. Part of that team includes the backbone to the industry - event crew. Organising a successful event requires a team effort, and the event crew plays a crucial role in ensuring everything runs smoothly. An event crew team needs to be well-prepared, motivated, and ready to tackle any challenges that come their way. But how do you build a team that can deliver results? In this post, we are sharing our 5 tips to help create a successful event crew team. Keep reading to find out how!

1. Define roles and responsibilities

When building the foundations of your event crew team, it is essential to give your team structure. This will make sure that everyone who is on the team knows exactly what they are responsible for, what is expected of them, and that they have the right training and experience for their assignments. It will also help to avoid confusion, ensure all tasks are completed, and help any jobs run as smoothly as possible. At Alpha Crew, our role and responsibility plan is aligned with our in-house training regime. Crew are assigned different levels dependent on the training they have completed, and are able to progress throughout them as their experience grows. Our career progression framework starts with Level 1 for new employees and goes all the way up to Senior Crew Chief positions.

2. Recruit the right people

It’s important to be thorough with your recruitment process. Whoever you take on, becomes a reflection of your company and values, and represents your brand in the industry. While it’s beneficial to look for people with the right skills and experience for the job, in events a lot of new hires are graduates or young people who are looking to start their career in the industry and will need in-house training of the basics. That’s why it’s key to consider who they are as an individual. Key qualities to look out for are reliability, flexibility, team work and communication skills. Are they someone who’s willing to get stuck in? Will they keep a cool head under pressure and show up with a positive attitude? At Alpha Crew, our recruitment process is extremely conscientious, as we want to make sure that we are hiring the right people for our company who will fit in seamlessly with our team.

3. Provide training

Training crew for all aspects of their role will help them perform their job effectively and with confidence in their abilities. This factor is absolutely essential when it comes to building a successful event crew team. If you invest in your training you are investing in your team. With the appropriate skills and knowledge they will be able to perform their best and help deliver the most successful projects. Well-trained crew are better equipped to handle any challenges that may arise during an event, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. By providing crew members with the tools they need to do their job effectively, they are more likely to feel confident and motivated, leading to a more positive work environment. Additionally, providing training shows that you value your crew members and their contributions, which can increase their loyalty and commitment to the team. Ultimately, investing in crew training is an investment in the success of your events and the long-term success of your crew team.

At Alpha Crew we provide thorough in-house training for all new and existing employees. This includes risk assessment training, accident and incident reporting, working safely on site, at height, around the general public and much more. All senior members of staff are first-aid trained and we regularly offer free courses on topics such as forklift training, MUPE, sound, lighting and more.

4. Foster communication

Encouraging open and frequent communication among team members will help crew work together more effectively and ensure that everyone is on the same page. In the fast-paced and high-pressure environment of events, clear communication is vital for ensuring that everyone is working towards the same goals and being as efficient as possible. When it comes to problem-solving and collaborating, good communication skills between crew is essential. Investing time and resources into improving these skills within your teams, will pay off in the long run as it can lead to elevated teamwork, increased productivity, and ultimately more successful events .

5. Build team spirit

One of the most important factors to build a successful event crew team, is having a great team spirit and company culture. This will make your team work better and make jobs more enjoyable! This can be achieved through team-building activities, employee events and celebrations, recognition for great work, and an open and honest environment.

At Alpha Crew, our crew are a family. We hold a huge Christmas party each year with our own awards ceremony, have regular crew drinks, a ‘crewman of the month’ award, monthly crew newsletters and more. We also have an annual charity bike ride where crew members cycle to raise money for The British Heart Foundation in honour of a beloved crew member who passed away in 2021.

We’ve curated a company culture that is inclusive, welcoming and positive for everyone in the team, from all walks of life.

Our incredible crew are the perfect ambassadors for Alpha Crew. They reflect everything we stand for and represent us so well, always doing us proud. They are the heart of our teams and of Alpha Crew as a company - without them we would not be where we are today.

Without their positive attitudes, loyalty and dedication - we would not be able to build the successful teams that we have, or be able to pull off the successful events we work.

To work with our amazing team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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