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Why it’s so Important for Companies to Support Young Families

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Our team is the heart of our business. In today’s business landscape, companies are increasingly recognising the significance of accommodating their employee’s diverse needs, priorities and well-being both in and out of the workplace - something which was long overdue. One such area where we believe we can collectively make a genuine and positive difference is by supporting young families.

Why Supporting Young Families Matters

Employee Well-being and Leading by Example

Companies that prioritise the well-being of their employees, demonstrate a genuine concern for their overall quality of life - a successful company cannot function without this value at its core. This concern can manifest in many ways, one being the support for young families within a business. This can help alleviate the stress and financial burdens that often accompany the journey of starting or expanding a family, as well as improve their quality of work life once they return. For instance, at Alpha Crew we offer a £250 voucher to crew members when they have a baby to help support their family as much as possible. We hope this serves as an example to other companies on how to make a small positive impact on the lives of their employees.

Enhanced Employee Loyalty

Investing in employee well-being, enables companies to encourage employee loyalty and create an environment where team members are more inclined to stay and grow within the organisation, as well as improving their quality of work life. In the dynamic event industry, retaining experienced crew members is invaluable. Support from a crew member's place of work at one of the most intense and often hectic times of their lives, demonstrates the care and value held for each and every member of the team, the care for their personal life and their investment in their future.

Cultivating a Compassionate Culture

Companies that prioritise support for young families in particular, tend to cultivate more inclusive and compassionate company cultures, and camaraderie amongst employees. Environments like this lead to higher morale, increased employee engagement, and heightened productivity, all of which are invaluable.

Inspiring Industry Change

Alpha Crew’s commitment to supporting young families not only serves to benefit our employees but acts as an example of corporate social responsibility. We hope this will encourage other companies to consider the impact they can have on their employees' lives. Additionally, we would love to hear from more companies in the events industry about their staff support initiatives so that we can continue to improve and learn ourselves.

We’ve got together some steps for other companies looking to implement similar initiatives:

Engage Employees

Actively involve your team in discussions, and conduct surveys to understand their needs and concerns regarding family support. Hear directly from your employees what you could do to help.

Consult the Experts

Seek guidance from HR and industry experts who will be able to help develop family support policies and initiatives that align with your budget, company culture, and values.

Allocate Resources

Make sure to allocate specific resources for family support initiatives, such as parental leave, childcare assistance, bonuses for new parents etc.

Promote a Supportive Culture

Encourage a company culture that values work-life balance and family support, with leaders setting a positive example. Make your initiatives well-known to the team and encourage them to not only make the most of them but to share them with their peers and to feedback.

Continuous Improvement

There’s no one quick fix - it is important to regularly assess the impact of all company programmes and initiatives and make necessary adjustments to meet the evolving needs of employees and the wider climate.

By implementing similar initiatives, businesses can attract and retain top talent, nurture a supportive company culture, and enhance their public image. Supporting young families is not only a compassionate move; it's also a smart business decision that benefits everyone involved. Let's collectively prioritise our employees' well-being and family support, creating workplaces that are not only successful but also compassionate and supportive.

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