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So you want a Security Guard Job?

Security guard job wearing an alpha crew high vis

At Alpha Crew, we’ve been leading the way in events and logistics for over a decade now, and we are proud to be taking the same approach to the security industry. As the world begins to open up again, the demand for security is growing, giving even more opportunities to begin a career within this exciting industry.

Our fantastic Operations Director for Crew & Security, George Mjavanadze, has given some top tips and insights into the world of security! Check them out below.

Looking for a security guard job? Please get in touch! We’d love to chat with you about the opportunities available here at Alpha Crew. We are currently recruiting for part-time and full-time Security Guards with Door Supervisor Licenses. Send your CV’s over to georgemj@alphacrew.co.uk

As a security officer within the events industry, what are your main responsibilities?
The main responsibility of security guards at an event is the safety of the guests/public and everyone who is involved. Depending on the event the responsibilities could vary, but will most likely include:

  • Access control:
    Search, ID check, checking guestlist/tickets, checking dress code, managing the queue and the entrance, doing the count of the guests and also providing guests with information about the event.
  • The Venue:
    Checking the capacity of the place and monitoring the numbers at the entrance. Checking the fire exits are clear and monitoring it at all times while the event is happening. Nominating First Aid person for the event and providing First Aid Box.
  • Event schedule:
    Checking the schedule with the organisers of the event and planning it step by step from start to finish. Risk Assessment and Assignment Instructions should be provided on each event.

How can I get started as a security officer?
To become a Security Guard you need to do a 4/5 days course which is provided by SIA (Security Industry Authority)
After completing the exam, you need to apply for SIA License which takes between 2 to 12 weeks.
You must have a Passport with a work permit in the UK (if required), last 5 years traceable work/study history and no criminal record.

What has been the most interesting job you've worked on?
Over the last 20 years, I have worked on many Security Projects, all of them are interesting in their own way

What's the most rewarding part of being a Security Officer?
The most rewarding part is the appreciation of the duty which Security Guards are doing at any level within the industry.

What are the main challenges of working as a Security Officer?
Depending on the duty you do you could be protecting anything from assets, properties or people.

There are different types of Security SIA Licences, the more advanced the licence the more challenging it gets.

The Licenses are;

  1. Non-front Line - shops, reception. (Not allowed to work where alcohol is sold.)
  2. Front line - Events, Bars, Clubs. ( all kind of security except close protection)
  3. CCTV License - Monitoring and reporting on CCTV recordings
  4. Close protection - you can do all kinds of Security with this License, it’s the most advanced license you can get from SIA.

What are some of the key things on your day-to-day checklist as a Security Guard?

  1. First is appearance, looking smart is important.
  2. Being early on-site is key, as it gives you time to get acquainted with the venue.
  3. Getting a full description of the job you are on so you are prepared for the day ahead.
  4. Asking for advice if there is anything you are unclear about.
  5. Making notes during the job and logging/reporting as and when needed.

As someone with inside knowledge, what's your #1 career tip for working as a Security Officer?

Be proactive and follow instructions when provided. If something is not clear, ask! It’s a friendly industry and we are happy to help.

Get in touch via info@alphacrew.co.uk if you’d like any information about our security services.

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