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How Much Security Do You Need For Your Event?

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At Alpha Crew we offer comprehensive, end-to-end event production services which include security for events. Our licensed security team is fully trained, has extensive experience and all the necessary qualifications for the job. If you’re new to the industry or haven’t booked security before you might be a little unsure where to start. But fear not, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find what you need to know before booking security for your event.

  1. Do you need security for events?

Wondering if your event will need security or not? With our years of experience in the industry, we’ve created a helpful checklist with our recommended considerations below.

  • How many guests are attending?
    • Generally the bigger the event, the greater the need for a security team. As a general rule, if there are over 50 guests in attendance, some security force is usually an essential. Smaller events, anywhere between 10 and 50 guests, may only require one or two security guards, whereas events with less than 10 generally don’t need any but other factors should be taken into consideration.
  • Attendees and Risk Level
    • Who is coming to your event? If it is sport, a protest, a rally, or any event for attendees with strongly opposing points of view, security is definitely something you should consider. If guests are likely to be or become emotionally charged, security will be essential to keeping everyone safe and ensuring your event goes ahead as planned.
  • Alcohol
    • Alcohol and big crowds at functions can often be a very problematic combination. Events where alcohol consumption is higher such as festivals and shows, means that the risk for alcohol-related incidents is also higher. Our recommendation for events with alcohol, is to hire twice as many security guards than for an event without. Additionally further potential risks include whether or not alcohol is actively being served and whether or not it is free of charge.
  • When is your event?
    • Evening and nighttime events usually pose a greater security risk than events taking place during the day. This is simply due to the darkness providing additional cover for those looking to cause trouble or disrupt your event. Poorly lit areas and spaces in and around the venue should have extra security in order to protect attendees.
  • The event location
    • It’s important to consider where your event is being held. Events that are held in more remote locations, are usually easier to control access to the site. Events taking place in larger cities or populous areas, are a more attractive target to criminals and are much easier to access, therefore may need more security.

2. How many security guards do you need for your event?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions, but it does not have a straightforward answer! The amount of security you need for your event entirely depends on the scale and nature of the event. Most security companies would offer their own personal recommendations for your event provided you have shared as much information as possible so they have a full understanding of what you will need.

3. How much does it cost to hire security for an event?

Like with the amount of security you need, the cost will also vary depending on what you need them for, time, venue, experience and more. For example, with events in London, the cost is usually a little bit higher than other places across the UK. If you would like a quote for security for your event please get in touch using this form so we can offer our recommendations and help with your event.

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