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Barcelona Event Guide: Unveiling the Best of Barcelona’s Events with Alpha Crew

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Barcelona, the latest location for us to launch in operationally, is a city known for its vibrant culture and stunning architecture. It’s also a diverse hub full of thrilling events and festivals throughout the year. From music to sports, to business, and culture, Barcelona's event scene offers something for everyone and is an underrated hotspot in the industry.

Barcelona’s event calendar is a vibrant reflection of the diverse culture of the area. Here’s our list of the city's biggest and most notable events of the year.

Music Festivals

1. Primavera Sound

This world renowned music festival attracts top-tier artists from various genres every year. Held at the Parc del Fòrum in May/June annually, this festival boasts a 220,000 attendance, this year playing host to huge industry names such as the Pet Shop Boys, Kendrick Lamar and Rosalia.

2. Sónar Festival

Founded in 1994 in the city, Sónar festival is divided into two parts; Sónar by Day and Sónar by Night. The festival is dedicated to electronic music and creativity with previous acts including Björk, Duran Duran and Gorillaz to name a few. In 2022, Sonar Barcelona hosted over 122,000 guests.

3. Guitar BCN

This unique festival is formatted as a series of concerts that collectively celebrate the versatility of the guitar. Taking place for over 25 years, key figures in the industry have attended, with some of the biggest being Bob Dylan and Toto!

Cultural Celebrations

1. La Mercè Festival

An annual citywide celebration that features impressive parades, concerts and fireworks which all highlight Catalan traditions and the region's deep history. It has been an official city holiday since 1871 and is held between 21-24th of September.

2. Festa Major de Gràcia

Gràcia takes place between the 15th and 21st of August each year, and marks the day of the Feast of Assumption of the Virgin Mary - a public holiday in Spain. Neighbourhoods come alive with imaginative street decorations and live music during this vibrant summer festival.

3. Carnival of Barcelona

This carnival is a winter celebration, which involves a colourful and lively event featuring elaborate costumes, parades, and street parties. The roots of this celebration date back to Roman times, lampooning authority, breaking the monotony of everyday life through excess, revelry and defying restrictions.

Sporting Spectacles

  1. FC Barcelona

Home to one of the most formidable football teams in the world, Barcelona plays host to their football team home matches at the iconic Spotify Camp Nou Stadium. Games can be watched here throughout the season by football fans who often travel the world to watch this iconic football giant perform.

2. Formula 1 Grand Prix

One of the oldest races in the world - the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya hosts the Spanish Grand Prix every year. This year, our Barcelona event crew had the absolute honour of crewing at this exhilarating and historic event.

3. Barcelona Open

Also known as Torneo Barcelona, this iconic world tennis event was founded in 1953. It is held each year at the Real Club de Tenis Barcelona on clay courts. This year defending champion ​​Carlos Alcaraz took home the victory, and then went on to beat Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon 2023!

4. The America’s Cup

Also known as the Auld Mug - this trophy is awarded in the 174 year old sailing competition, the oldest international competition still operating in any sport! Next year’s 37th America’s Cup will be held from August until October in Barcelona with team bases in Port Vell.

Business Conferences

1. Mobile World Congress

This annual trade show is the world’s largest mobile technology event, where industry leaders get together to discuss the latest innovations. It is held annually at the Fira de Barcelona Gran Via early in the New Year. This year we had the pleasure of providing our local Barcelona crew for this huge event.

2. IoT Solutions World Congress

This event is dedicated to exploring and celebrating digital transformation trends and disruptive technologies. Also held at the Fira de Barcelona Gran Via each year, this event brings together the top professionals and experts in the field.

Art and Fashion

1. Barcelona Fashion Week

Barcelona Fashion Week is a prestigious event in the fashion calendar that showcases the latest trends, drawing renowned designers and style enthusiasts from around the globe. This annual show takes place in the heart of Barcelona each year, providing a platform for both emerging and established fashion talents to unveil their innovative collections.

2. Sala Montjuïc

This open-air film festival combines cinema with pic-nics and live music at a beautiful historic location in Barcelona. The festival takes place at Montjuïc Castle over the summer each year and attracts an average of 2000 guests per evening.

The next time you find yourself in Barcelona, make sure you attend one of the incredible events the city has to offer during your visit - and keep an eye out for Alpha Crew!

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