Alpha Crew Sustainability Promise

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Events, particularly large scale events or those in the name of big brands are often looked at in terms of their impact on the environment. It’s something our clients are particularly aware of; many of them making huge efforts to minimise their footprint. 

As part of the events industry and as humans living on planet earth, we too want to be as sustainable as we can be. That’s why we’ve developed the Alpha Crew Sustainability Promise. 

It’s for ourselves more than anyone - to outline key initiatives we aim to put in place which will not only reduce our footprint as a business but as by product, should have a positive effect for both our clients and our employees.

Recycling Uniform

With over 150 crew members, we get through a lot of uniform. From t-shirts, high-vis jackets to hoodies and hats. Our crew take care of their uniform but sometimes when a t-shirts had its day, it’s time to say goodbye. After all, our clients don’t want scruffy looking crew on site!

So we’ve decided to put a recycling plan in place so they don’t end up on a landfill site. We’ve asked all crew with uniform to get rid off, to bring them to the office. From there, we’ll use the reGAIN app and get the items sent off to be recycled. reGAIN then reward us with shopping vouchers for brands like New Balance, Asics and more. So we can treat our crew for doing their bit. Everyone wins. 

Going Paperless

We’ve encouraged all our office staff to only print files, when it’s absolutely necessary and to consider a paperless option first. Recruitment is one department that’s cut down it’s paper usage as we used to print a lot C.Vs whereas now we’ll view them on an ipad and request that new recruits don't print them.

Reducing Emissions

We’ve recently implemented a City Cycling scheme. All full-time members of crew are offered a brand new Cannondale Bad Boy bike as an alternative mode of transport, reducing emissions, improving fitness and hopefully putting a smile on our employees faces too. 

This is a work in progress promise which we plan to continue adding to. If you have any ideas, we’re all ears! Send us a message and we’ll see if we can implement it.