Alpha Crew Book Club

Introducing...Alpha Book Club

Since we’ve all had a little more time on our hands recently, we’ve decided to start a book club. For our first pick we’ve decided on a topical choice:

Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead is an alternate history novel telling the story of two slaves in southeastern United States during the 19th Century.

We chose this book after reflecting on the Black Lives Matter movement. Although this book is fiction, it highlights the brutality heaped on enslaved people and much of this is depicted truthfully in this book. Essentially we decided we needed to educate ourselves further. As a result of our privilege, many of us haven’t seen the impacts of racism that still effect so many but we realise now it’s still very much present in today’s society and we want to do what we can to help and that starts with education.

This is just one book we have chosen and we have been given lots of recommendations but are dedicated to learning.

If any of our clients or crew would like to get involved and join the book club, let us know.