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Alpha Crew Awards 2022


At the centre of our company, is our crew. Without their loyalty, hard-work, dedication and passion - we would not be where we are today. With that being said, we recognise how important it is to celebrate our crew and all their achievements. In 2022, we held our inaugural Alpha Crew Awards to say thank you to our crew for being so incredible. Voting took place over October and November, and the results were in ready in time for our annual Christmas party. For our event last year we had over 50 of our Alpha Crew family come to London for some mini golf, food and drinks to celebrate. As the evening went on we then held the awards ceremony, handing out prizes and celebrating our crew. Keep reading for our full list of awards and winners!

Crew DJ

Kieran Flynn

Wisest Crew Member

Riche Harrison

Always on Time

Marius Turcanu

Strongest Crew Member

Alex Tuertyaev

Funniest Crew Member (Birmingham)

Paul Oakley

Funniest Crew Member (London)

Kingsley Morris

Best Secret Talent (Birmingham)

Terry Lamb

Most Improved (Birmingham)

Darnell Thompson

Most Improved (London)

Anthony White

Night Owl

Christopher Bunbury

Biggest Team player

Jonathan Paylor

Kingsley Morris

Above and Beyond

Slava Babin

Most Hard Working

Alex Tuertyaev

Best Hair

Jack Bryan

Best Motivator (Birmingham)

Darren Lucas

Best Motivator (London)

Kingsley Morris

Early Riser

Daniel Guta

Mr/Ms Congeniality (Birmingham)

Anthony Bynoe

Paul Oakley

Mr/Ms Congeniality (London)

Kingsley Morrison

John Cusiac

MVP Award (London)

Slava Babins

Kasharn Samuels

Riche Harrison

MVP Award (Birmingham)


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