We’ve updated our night shift policy

At Alpha Crew, staff wellbeing has always been at the core of our business principles. We know that healthy and happy staff leads to happy clients and a more successful business. Due to the nature of the industry, some events will inevitably require night-shift work. We understand that for several professions, including event crew, this is a non-negotiable. However it’s important night-shift work is considered differently to ensure we limit the impact on staff wellbeing.

  1. Consistent sleep patterns where possible 

One of the things we do is to try and enable our crew to have as much of a consistent sleep pattern as possible. That means trying to avoid crew members working night-shifts, as well as day-shifts. We do our best to reduce this although occasionally it’s unavoidable. Our plan is to continue working on this policy and we hope that in the near future consistent shift patterns will be in place across the board for all staff. 

  1. Minimum call outs at night

Another consideration is short call-outs. During the day our crew will often visit several jobs and sites throughout the day and these jobs might vary in length from two hours and upwards. As night-work is much less common, it’s not possible to stack shifts like this so crew will usually only have one or two jobs maximum. 

If we’re only booking crew on two hour calls at night, this will mean our night-shift crew will have to supplement their income in other ways, potentially leaving them no choice but to work in the day with little to no sleep. Poor sleep is not only going to render this crew member a hazard on site but it’s also detrimental to their health long term. 

Therefore we’ve decided to make it a formal policy that Alpha Crew’s minimum call-out at night will be four hours. 

What does this mean for clients?

If your job requires only two hours of work, we’re happy to accept the work, however the minimum fee charged will be four hours.

We hope that you can understand this policy has been created in order to keep our crew and clients safe, to limit accidents on site and to deliver the award-winning service we are known for on every job, day or night. 

If any clients would like to discuss our this policy, please contact Bes (bess@alphacrew.co.uk) or George (george@alphacrew.co.uk) / 020 8801 1630.

Here’s a few handy tips if you’re new to working in events at night.

Top Tips for General Health and Mental Well-Being for Nightshift Workers

  1. Practice good sleep hygiene 

Good sleep hygiene just means creating a routine and an environment that is conducive to sleep. As a night shift worker sleeps during the day, it is important to make sure you have sufficient silence and darkness to encourage better sleep, as well as usual pre-bedtime ‘rules’ such as no caffeine or alcohol before bed, and reduced screen time. Because you will most likely be waking up in the dark, alarm clocks like these, that gradually brighten the room before they go off are a great way to help mimic sunlight and adjust the brain to your new routine. 

  1. Prep meals ahead 

Like you might do with day shift work, a great way to save time is by meal prepping. Having your weekly meals ready to go before you start your work week, can leave time for friends, family and R&R.

  1. Get Vitamin D

This is a little more difficult as you will be asleep during most of the light hours of the day. Try and get out in the sun before or after your shift wherever possible, or if this doesn’t work on your schedule then you can try Vitamin D supplements that give your body the nutrients it needs. (We are event crew, not Doctors so please consult your doctor before new medication).

  1. Keep hydrated

The average person should drink 11-16 cups of water per day. Make sure you stay hydrated before, after and during your shift to keep energised and healthy.

  1. Make time to relax

Although your relaxation times will be different to normal, make sure you give yourself time to do something you enjoy after work or just to relax. Try to keep it low energy so you don’t keep your body awake before it’s time to sleep. 

  1. Monitor what you put in your body 

It’s good to avoid caffeine, sugary drinks and alcohol when working night shifts as it can affect your body and sleeping pattern. It’s good to eat lots of fresh fruit and protein to keep you energised throughout your shift. 

  1. Communicate with your household

Make sure your family or those who you live with are aware of your schedule so they can be considerate of your sleeping routine. If possible, try to plan at least one meal that you can have with your family or friends per week. 

  1. Factor in some exercise

To boost general body and mental health it is always good to get in some exercise throughout the week. With night shift work, the best way to get in your exercise is to make sure you do it before your shift. This will help energise you before work, whereas doing after your shift will give you energy before it’s time to sleep and could disturb your routine.