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Alpha Crew Supporting The Sanctuary Foundation - The Ukraine Crisis

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The Sanctuary Foundation is an organisation supported by Stewardship, who with the help of the community and donations are supporting Ukrainian refugees seeking refuge in the UK. Alpha Crew is deeply saddened by the crisis in Ukraine and is encouraging all crew, clients and team members to help in any way that they can.

What’s the situation?

As almost everyone will be aware, the country of Ukraine is currently under attack and in an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. This has triggered one of the largest refugee crises since World War 2, with over 4.2 million Ukrainians fleeing the country for safety. On March 1st this year, the UK government announced the development of a humanitarian sponsorship programme to allow Ukrainian families to come to the UK. The Sanctuary Foundation is supporting sponsors and assisting the government in the Homes For Ukraine scheme, and resourcing community groups, individuals, businesses, schools and churches to aid these families once they arrive in the UK.

Working with Rest, Sanctuary is sourcing accommodation for refugees in need of a place to stay, and connecting them with individuals who can help them adjust and ensure a smooth transition into life in a new country, helping them with languages, shopping, appointments, and simply offering to befriend them.

Alpha Crew’s support

To help support Ukrainian refugees in need, Alpha Crew has registered as a business with Sanctuary to offer its assistance as soon as possible. We aim to offer employment to those seeking jobs once they arrive in the UK. Some of our team members will also be registering as volunteers to befriend families and help them settle in.

How can you help?

Alpha Crew would like to encourage all crew, clients and team members to register with The Sanctuary Foundation to help in any way you can when the UK government initiates this programme. If you are unable to donate your time into helping, The Sanctuary Foundation is also accepting monetary donations in partnership with Stewardship to help fund their sponsorship programme.

Our Founders’ Story

Alpha Crew founders, George Saladze and Besarion Gaprindashvili can empathise with the people of Ukraine more than anyone. Both originally from Georgia, a country that’s struggled with decades of Russian dominance, George and Bes personally know the difficulties of living in a country in conflict.

Ever since 1921 when Georgia started to become independent from the Soviet Union, the country has suffered through hostile Russian intervention leading to multiple feuds with breakaway regions such as Abkhazia and South Ossetia. During this time hundreds of thousands of Georgian’s have been forced to flee their homes just like the people of Ukraine are doing so now.

George says “As a country, Ukraine has always supported Georgia and vice versa. The relationship has always been strong between the two nations - many Georgian families are intertwined with Ukrainians. It is our duty to help them as much as we can.”

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