Office Removals

Alpha Crew now brings its efficiency and professionalism to office removals. With planning and precision, we can manage your business relocation to ensure there’s minimum disruption and delays are avoided. Our health & safety trained team are experienced in manual handling, loading and unloading, logistics and delivery.

We have a large, modern fleet of vans so we have the capacity for large office removals as well as small ones. With a large warehouse space, we can also offer temporary storage for your office items.


Manual Handling

We are trained in loading and unloading and can safely manage heavy lifting and manual handling. 


We can plan and manage all logistics for your office move, ensuring everything runs smoothly.


We have a fleet of modern vans which can safely store and trasport your office goods.

Storage Facilities

We have a large warehouse facitlity where we can securly store your office furniture and other important items.