Exhibitionism: The Rolling Stones

The brief

From dressing room paraphernalia to iconic costumes, over 500 artefacts had to be transported safely to the Saatchi Gallery.

And, because of their iconic importance, all had to be handled with the utmost care. This was made more difficult because the delivery yard is shared with other businesses and is opposite a residential area, limiting access to the gallery. 

What we did

Ten crew members spent three-weeks carefully placing the artefacts in designated areas. They went above and beyond, helping with the build; staying extra hours to complete the work. With only room for one truck in the loading bay, and limited operational hours, there were significant difficulties to overcome. These were managed with daily briefs on the delivery schedule, with our client. We used floor covers throughout to protect the gallery and had to carry very large artefacts through the stairwell.  Our crew completed the job before deadline, playing a crucial role in creating a spectacular exhibition.

Mark Hurcombe, Project Manager, Benchworks

"The build for this job was flat-out for 21 days and we couldn’t have achieved it without Alpha Crew. The site is not really built for a large exhibition but the team leaders played a pivotal role in ensuring everything made its way through the building safely and efficiently. We asked the crew to perform a multitude of tasks each day and each one was taken in their stride and performed to a very high standard.

One element that helped us create a unified team was that we worked with the same crew members each day and this consistency allowed us to build a strong rapport with each member which lead to an easy working relationship. Following Exhibitions: The Rolling Stones, I have been delighted in my decision to use Alpha Crew for various projects across London. The crew are always extremely punctual and if booked for even just three hours, we get given 110%, which is why Alpha Crew is always our first choice!"

Image from CGPGrey.com