6 Simple Rules For a More Sustainable Event

Alpha Crew outdoor festival

1. Hire from the local community & use local suppliers

One way of trying to make your event more sustainable is by thinking about how it will impact the local community. Your aim should be that the event offers something positive such as tourism.

Whether it’s ticketing staff or sound technicians, employing members of the community is a big tick! As a bonus, you may also be able to leverage their knowledge of the area depending on the nature of the event.

If your event has catering, it can also be a really nice touch to use local produce and it can also make the event feel more bespoke - double win!

2. Use food waste savvy caterers

These days most caterers should be conscious of food waste. There are even organisations who specialise in sustainable catering such as Rooted London, who will be able to put together an excellent menu using locally sourced produce with as minimal waste as possible.

3. Avoid using unnecessary paper

If you can use an ipad or digitally share documents instead of printing them, you’ll avoid wasting a great deal of unnecessary paper. Just think, do they really need a hard paper copy? The same could be said for leaflets and tickets. If a digital option could be used, why not try it instead. It could potentially be cheaper too!

4. Recycle

There is generally a fair bit of litter after events. Proving specific bins, clearly labelled for different types of recycle, it will mean less hassle for those cleaning up after the event and should encourage less people to litter in the first place.

5. Go fairtrade

If you need to source products from further afield for your event, try to only purchase items that are fairly traded. Look for the fairtrade logo on the packs. This tells you that the workers (including farmers) have been fairly paid for their work, comparative to the living wage. It should also signal that the working conditions are of a certain standard so you’re eliminating the chance your company will get in trouble for using dodgy suppliers too!

6. Consider lighting

One of the biggest things you can do is start using LED bulbs for your event lighting where possible. They may be slightly more expensive in the first instance however they are more efficient and will therefore be cheaper in the long run.