Star crew saves life with CPR

As event crew, we’re prepared for any eventuality but it has to be said, we didn’t expect this. On our latest international trip in Sicily, three of our crew helped to bring a man back to life by performing CPR, after he drowned in a pool. 

Jimmy, Jock and Ovi are all first aid trained and know how to perform CPR correctly. It’s part of the Alpha Crew on-boarding training to ensure all our crew members are and thank god they are.

Here’s what happened...

The event was a high profile tech event which spanned over the course of three weeks. Alpha Crew was responsible for helping to set up the event, change over structures, fixtures and displays throughout and then pack down once the event was finished. Following a successful pack down, our client was so happy with the event team’s efforts, they put on an evening meal in the resort where everyone could enjoy the facilities, inclduing the pool and unwind after a hardcore week working.

One minute everything was a picture of relaxation, the next Jock spotted one of the driver’s who had been on the job that week, lying on the surface of the pool. It wasn’t obvious at first what was happening. Concerned, he turned to his colleague Ovi to check if they should intervene. When they realised he wasn't moving Ovi jumped in and when he realised he wasn’t breathing he immediately shouted for help. Jock and Jimmy jumped in and together they pulled out what was a dead weight in the water. It took all of them and others to drag him out of the pool and onto the side. 

Jock recalls “When we got him out I immediately started compressions. I did 30 and then Jimmy did two rescue breaths. I remember Ovi shouted in Italian to call an ambulance. We continued until he was revived. We had a medic, Flavio, with us who arrived just after that and he kept his airways open. The ambulance and paramedics came about 10/15 minutes after he started breathing again and took him to the hospital.” 

We wanted to share this amazing story because it shows the importance of first aid training. The driver was underwater for two minutes and if we didn’t first aid train our crew, he may not have survived. We’re super proud of Jimmy, Jock, Ovi and everyone who helped in saving this man’s life and we wish him a speedy recovery back to full health.

If you haven’t done first aid training, we urge anyone and everyone to do so. Stay safe!