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Interviews with Alpha Crew: Luci Lentini

In this series we’ll be interviewing the Alpha Crew team to get an insight into what makes them tick, what their average day looks like and why they love working in events. First up is Luci Lentini, Alpha Crew’s London Crew Manager.

Hey Luci! Tell us what your role is. 

I am the London Crew Manager which means I now spend a lot time in the office as opposed to being on site all the time but I am still an active crew chief too. I’ve been working in the event production industry for over 13 years.

What does an average day for you look like?

It’s different all the time. We work 24/7 so sometimes I’ll sleeping in the day to make sure I’m ready and rested for the night of work ahead and other times the opposite.

Is there anything you have to prepare before you go to an event?

My uniform and full PPE comes with me to every job.

What does PPE stand for?

PPE stands for personal protective equipment! We must make sure every crew member has this with them before they enter the venue.

Are there any other special acronyms we should know?

Well there’s the Golden Shake. That's what it’s called when you ask your client if you can leave, as long as they’re happy!

If you’re working on site, what the first thing you do when you get to a venue?

Firstly I will gather my crew, get them ready, make sure they’re all present and briefed for the jobs ahead. Then I’ll go look for my client to discuss priorities. Once myself and the client have discussed a plan for the day, I allocate my guys accordingly. If it’s the first day we’re on site, we usually need to tackle off loading all the equipment before much else can be done. The equipment comes in trucks, so we offload them and then get everything into the venue or room and from there we’ll be doing a whole range of jobs to make sure everything is set up and ready.

It sounds like you have to be quite fluid when you’re on site, how would you help a new person cope with that?

I always pair up new people with someone experienced so they can shadow them and learn the ropes. We make sure they’re learning best practises from someone senior so they can replicate the way they work on each shift.

How many crew members do you usually have to organise for each job?

It can be anything from one to up to 20 or more. It totally depends on the event and how quickly the job needs to get done too. Which is very important. Sometimes we may have to bring more people in part way through to speed up the process to ensure our clients hit their deadlines.

Are your teams usually at one event per day?

No not always. The minimum would be one. I think the most I’ve been to in one day is six jobs. But you could do even more depending on the duration of your jobs.

Do you ever work outside of London?

As I’m the London crew Manager, I’m personally usually based in London. However Alpha works all over the country really - there are events everywhere! We have dedicated bases in London, Birmingham, Nice and Paris which means we’ll have local knowledge when it comes to working on events in these areas.

What are your favourite types of events?

It has to be gigs. I love loud music!

What's been the most exciting job you've ever done?

Probably watching the Pet Shop Boys do their soundcheck before a show. They were very impressive.

Do you get star struck when you meet celebrities or musicians?

Not so much anymore. I met Naomi Campbell, which was cool. And last week I said goodnight to Bryan May after his rehearsal and he answered back and smile.

If you could work on any event in the world, what would it be?

The Pyramid stage at Glastonbury!

And lastly, if you could invent a machine to make your job easier, what would it be?

A teleporter.

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